Beauty is a form of Genius — is higher, indeed, than Genius, as it needs no explanation”

— Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Yv salome

iconic hedonist

Since early childhood YV SALOME was thought to be a part of sophisticated society. Good manners school for children, lessons of art and choreography, English language and Latin, this was the childhood of the future model, writer and singer. 

At the age of 12 the modeling career has begun and it lasts till now with the only change: "Let me do it my way" - this is the motto that drives all the creativity of YV SALOME. Doesn't matter if it is modeling, poetry or music.  

In 2019 Univerzita Karlova confirmed YV SALOME's Bachelor degree in Psychology and it finally gave the creator a chance to move on with the music career and on September 8th the first single [I Want to Die] was launched. 

"As for the sources of inspiration I'm getting it from my own life and what's going on within it. Everything starts with me, with own perception of reality inside and out. I took the best from the past as an example of what can be reached if you're eager enough to get to your limits and move further, dive deeper, change and continue doing it even on the edge of your sanity"


Press Photos

2.2 MB photo by Anastasia Orlova

2.2 MB photo by Anastasia Orlova

1.7 MB photo by Anastasia Orlova

1.7 MB photo by Anastasia Orlova

1.6 MB photo by Anastasia Orlova

1.6 MB photo by Anastasia Orlova


She shares this “vampire” image with a mermaid mesmerising voice.”

Gothic Bite Magazine

Czech author, model, and classic vocalist, YV SALOME—a songstress who started her singing career from a deep love of baroque music...”

An interesting electronic blend of darkwave and synthwave with a tight beat and strange appeal”

Synthpop Your World

Na konec roku se chystá vydání EP "Love My Life" a Yv dala momentálně ven druhý singl "Kill U", který probírá klasické téma duality v lidském životě. Věčný souboj dobra a zla následuje první singl "I Want to Die" z minulého roku.”