yv salome

iconic hedonist

A solo project of an international published alternative model and former classic vocalist who started a singing career being in love with baroque music. 

Taking inspiration from the creators of the past from Edgar Allan Poe to Oscar Wild, mixing that experience with all the possibilities given by modern world YV SALOME creates a sophisticated and hedonic world where all the pleasures are possible and celebrated. 


“Being model or artist means to be changeable, be different and this is what I do – I change, I evolve and constantly challenge myself. In order to overcome dark and grim truths of this world, I'm exploring the depths of a human being and it's abilities. I moved from pretty typical gothic-metal music to electronic music, from classical vocals to pop singing. This is what I believe can help you to understand how to keep it yours and keep it fun ... move further, change, dive deeper” – says YV SALOME.